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Hello and thanks for visiting! The sun is out, Vancouver is beautiful, and I've got work to do, so let's get right to it.

As I announced nearly 2 months ago, I completed the first draft of Emergence. Unfortunately for speed of productivity, this happened a little over a month before my vacation from the day job, which caused a 2 week halt due to unanticipated fatigue and need for recharging my batteries. I did managed to complete a game I'd been playing for over six months; Horizon Zero Dawn. It was an amazing experience. Check it out! Also, I got to catch up on some reading. Reckoning of the Fallen Gods, by R.A. Salvatore was excellent as usual, The Emperor's Soul, by Brandon Sanderson was simply amazing, and I've  begun Mistborn, which will take me forever due to my current publishing and day job schedule. Check all that out if you haven't. Some amazing stories I just listed, and great fun!

Emergence is back on track and I am climbing my way to the halfway mark in this proofread. I will be launching a kickstarter soon to fund it's release, so stay tuned.


Revenire, final book in the Hunter's Moon vampire/werewolf series is soon to go on preorder for release later this year. I think you're gonna love this one. ;)

Shadowlancer, the first book in the Heart of a Darkdancer series is making its rounds to publishers and agents. I think we're close to finding a home for that one, so keep your fingers crossed. I've been chomping at the bit for you to get your hands on this one. I'm very proud of this book.

Lastly, after Emergence blasts off to the editor and proofers, I will begin outlining the next two Fairies novellas, the second Heart of a Darkdancer book, and polishing up Heroes of a Broken Age. 

That's all, folks! Have a great summer and happy reading!

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