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The Double Career Life

An interesting thing I've come to learn over the course of my career(s) as an author and actor is how intertwined they are for me. At the center of every story are the characters who live in it. Whether they be human, humanoid, or some form of animal or monster, they are characters with specific traits and personalities. If you want to see a beautiful example of the latter, I urge you to go to youtube and look up Benedict Cumberbatch's motion captures sessions as Smaug, the dragon from The Hobbit. It is nothing short of amazing, and shows a master at work.

Have you ever watched a TV show and noticed how the actors seem to really sink into their characters after the first several episodes? I believe it's because it takes a bit of time for them to get to know their characters and make them part of themselves, and to find a part of themselves in their characters. I've found this to happen on a small scale when I have an audition. I think I know the character, but after working the scene several times, I find organic responses I couldn't necessarily think up. The same applies to writing. When I first outline a book, I give each character an appearance, personality traits, likes, dislikes, fears, etc. Usually by the time I'm ten percent into a book, I've come to know them better, and almost always, something about them changes and I have to go back and revise that first portion. This is something most people can relate to, in that the person you've gotten to know over time is at least a little different than the person you first met.

Whether it's through my own insanity or something else, I've found that my acting and writing careers inform each other for me. When I sit down to get to know a character for an audition or a job I've booked, it's mostly the same as when I sit down to begin writing a character I've recently created, and the more I get to know them, the easier it gets.

I think we all have multiple talents, whether we've discovered them or not. One thing I've noticed is how the multitalented seem to be quite adept at fields that are related, or compliment each other well. The singer who is also an actress, the master baker who is also an artist, the hockey player who can knock a golf ball clean into space.

What are your talents, or interests, or passions? Do they intertwine, inform each other, compliment each other? If you stop to take a look, you might find that they do.

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