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Marching Onward

Hello and thank you for visiting my page. I hope you like the new layout as much as I do.

As we march firmly into spring (and allergy season) the sun begins to keep us a little bit warmer, everything is blooming, and the first draft of Emergence is complete! I've got a lot of stuff planned for this year, which hopefully you've come to find out about.

The Kickstarter:
Some of you may know, and some may not, but I'm a hybrid author, meaning I publish books under my own lablel, Tal Publishing, as well as traditionally, with which I have a book, Shadowlancer, on submission. (you're gonna love that one) For my personal line of books, I am still building on the platform, and thus will be doing my first kickstarter in hopes of releasing all of the following books next year. I will have details soon, but below is what to expect for 2019 if the kickstarter is successful.

New Cover for Unleashed
Although it's great work, the cover for Unleashed needs an update. I intend to hire the same artist that did the cover to Out of Ordure for Emergence. That means Unleashed needs to match it's sequel. The artist does beautiful work, so I'm excited to see what he will do with this.

Emergence: Book 2 of the Saga of Ruination
If you've read Unleashed, you probably know that it's been a long road to get to Emergence. A lot has happened in that long stretch of time that I won't bore you with, here. Suffice it to say, however, that I don't make a habit of taking long between releases. Emergence is an exception that I fully intend to keep from happening again, barring anything unforeseen. Emergence returns us to Marai. Monsters unseen since the Third Age are appearing more frequently, attacking cities as well as simple travel caravans. Shurza is free and collecting itself for the Ruination, and the Fallen hear its call. Emiel, the twins, Amoura, Rayne and Joga find themselves embroiled in conflicts all across Marai, including the steadily growing conflict between Jietar and two Khatal nations. As the signs become more clear of the coming of the Ruination, it's become clear that the Illuminarians must be found and awaken if they still sleep. As the world steps closer to the brink of destruction, our heroes must survive their own trials, find a way to turn age-old enemies away from each other and toward the true threat to the world, while rediscovering themselves and their own relationships with the power they wield.

Revenire: Book 4 of Hunter's Moon
Strange, life. Never in his wildest dreams or worst nightmares could Jelani have guessed what a simple night jog would do to not just his life, but his friends. Now fully drawn into the hidden world of vampires and werewolves, Jelani and Daniel's lives are reduced to little more than survival. But as Jelani would say, "that ain't crackin'." For the first time, Jelani and Daniel may just be equipped with the tools to once again command their fates.

The Fairies:
I've got two new novellas planned for Fecanya and friends! Stay tuned for another more mischief from our favorite sassy Ordure Engineer fairy!

That's it for now! I hope you'll visit for more updates and news! Have a fantastic day and be well!


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